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02 June 2003.

#1 The South Canol Road was originally built in W.W.II along with North Canol road to supply oil to the United States. They are best driven with a four-wheel drive vehicle. This road connects with the Alaska Highway at Johnson's crossing and goes to Ross River. It has wonderful scenery.

#2 There are very nice places to camp and fish at the Lapie Lakes. These lakes offer great Lake Trout fishing. This area has hiking opportunities in Alpine, and sub Alpine areas. There is also excellent mountain biking opportunities along the old gold exportation trails.

#3. Between the top two Lapie Lakes there is a gravel road leading east into the Groundhog Creek area. Travelling along Groundhog Creek leads to the Seagull Lakes, located in the High Alpine, where there is excellent Grayling fishing.

South Canol Road

South Canol Road, three hours further down the road than the picture on the left.

Lapie Lakes on South Canol Road (Picture courtesy YTG)

Warning: All persons using the North and South Canol roads should be warned that these roads are never snowploughed in the winter. They are allowed to snow shut in the fall, and thaw in the spring. These roads should not be traveled between the end of September and mid-May. There are also no services along these routes, other than what is available in Faro, Johnson's Crossing and Ross River. You must bring everything you need, as these are true wilderness areas.


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