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19 April 2005.

 #12 The area around the MacMillan Pass is extremely pretty as there are still big mountains here. The area around them changes from forest with mountains to a mix of Tundra, Forests, and Mountains. This area is best viewed in early fall or late summer, as after the first frost the large areas of willow brush turn bright orange and red. There are good places to hike and camp in this area, but no developed trails or campgrounds exist.

Tundra and mountains on the NWT border

MacMillan Pass courtesy of Craig Nold

MacMillan Pass, North Canol Road

Itsi Range

MacMillan Pass

This picture is past Old Squaw Lodge which is 30 km into the NWT and right in the tundra. The remains of the bridge dates back to WW2 and has deteriorated slowly in the cold climate. Courtesy of Brian Drake, Spokane, WA.


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