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30 October 2005.

#7 Hoole Canyon has interesting volcanic rock formations. It is reached by travelling along the Campbell Highway from Ross River towards Watson Lake, past Jackfish Lake, with its bed and breakfast, and Coffee Lake, with its retreat. The next lake on the right hand side is Bruce Lake, a figure eight shaped lake. On the east end of Bruce Lake is a small parking area (gravel clearing). Across on the left side of the road there is a small walking trail that leads five kilometres into the Hoole Canyon. At this point the Canyon is 150 feet deep and contains the rough water of the Pelly River. A way to reach the East side of the Canyon would be to take a short road to the North just on the West side of the Hoole River bridge.

Hoole Canyon

Campbell Highway by the Hoole Canyon

Jackfish Lake

Hoole River

Hoole Canyon - Some small local lakes develop a porcelain blue colour

Whiskers Lake at sunrise


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