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There were 12 First Nation/Inuit Linguistic Families in Canada prior to the arrival of European explorers: Algonquin, Iroquoian, Inuktitut, Athapascan, Siouan, Kutenaian, Salishan, Wakashan, Tsimshian, Haidan, Tlingit and Beothuk.

The ATHAPASCAN home area was northern Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, BC and most of the Yukon and the Southwest Northwest Territories. The Athapasca Nations from BC and the Prairie Provinces were the Chippewa, Beavers, Sacree, Slave, and Dene Nations. In the Northwest Territories and Yukon are the Dogrib, Kutchin, Kaska, Tutchone, Han and Hare.

George Catlin
Athapasca Chief, His Wife, and a Warrior, 1855/1869
Paul Mellon Collection


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