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02 February 2003.

Local Artist (Gordon Peter) and a Local Book

A Yukon carver from a Kaska tribal background, Gordon Peter carves with traditional materials such as wood, moose antlers, sheep horns, and bones. His carvings are a mixture of modern, realistic, and traditional Athapaskan styles. Gordon has been sketching and painting since childhood but has only been carving since 1988. He has also studied the Kaska elders' way of carving to keep this tradition going. Most of his work has been sold throughout the Yukon territory and the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, but some masks have been sold as far away as the United States and Germany.

Gordon can be contacted by mail at Box 81, Ross River, YT, Y0B 1SO, Canada or by phone at (867) 969-2829. Photos courtesy of Gordon Peter.


A book about the traditional lifestyles of Kaska women can be obtained from the staff at the Margaret Thomson Centre for $16.00 CDN. Phone (867)969-2722 or Fax (867)969-2019.

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