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17 Dec 2006.

Ketza Valley 

Ross River Foot Bridge

  South Canol Hoodoos

Whiskers Lake

South Canol - Upper Sheep Creek- Courtesy of Joe Hanrath 

Ross River, Yukon Territory

This web site will focus on recreational opportunities in the countryside surrounding Ross River, a community of about 600 people located within the Tintina Trench and about a 4-hour drive from Whitehorse. While in Ross River, be sure to walk the longest suspension bridge in the Yukon. This historic World War 2 wood and cable suspension footbridge is over 600 feet long and the only contact with the other shore after ferry hours. It also makes an acceptable fishing platform. Whiskers Lake is a locally stocked lake south of Ross River on top of the hill by the old coal mine along the Ross River access road. Rainbow trout, Arctic Char, and Kokanee (land locked salmon) are stocked here. This lake sees less fishing pressure than Fisheye and has some bigger fish.

The town is the main service center for a vast area of spectacular natural beauty. There are many mountainous areas that have alpine meadows, blue lakes, clear streams, grizzly & black bears, mountain goats, mountain sheep, and wolves. On the attached map we have marked some of the areas around Ross River that we feel you would find interesting on your vacation. You will have to forgive the rough nature of this sketch, as we don't have locally produced pamphlets as yet.








Rogue Range 

Downtown Ross River

  Hess Mountains

Ross River Sunset

North Canol - MacMillan Pass


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