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12 Aug 2005.

NEW South Canol Walking Trails

On the South Canol road there are currently three new short walking trails. The first is a refurbishment of the old Lapie Canyon walking trail which is just south of the west side of the Lapie 2 bridge. The second is in the Lapie Lakes area and a short walk takes you to Ian H. (Harley) Thomson Falls. The third trail is marked in orange survey ribbon and starts on the northeast side of Fox creek. It follows old fallen telegraph poles along the WW2 pipeline route for three kilometres to the Fox Creek suspension bridge which actually crosses the Lapie River. This is a baby brother to the Ross River bridge. All have been completed by the Yukon Y2C2 youth crews and local government and First Nations fire crews. These pictures show the beautiful scenery you will encounter.

   High Water in Lapie Canyon

Lapie Canyon

The bottom segment of the Ian H. (Harley) Thomson Falls

Fox Creek suspension bridge

Fallen telegraph poles along the WW2 pipeline route

Ian H. (Harley) Thomson Falls is a four stage waterfall, surrounded on three sides by rock with a four foot deep pool in the bottom (except in spring when water force from melt-water makes it dangerous). It is a great natural location to have a cold shower.

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