Pictures and Commentary by Doug & Wendy Bishop

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16 July 2005.

Table Of Contents

1, 2, 3. South Canol Road & Lapie Lakes

New South Canol Walking Trails

More South Canol Road

4. Ketza River

Pelly Mountains / Tintina Trench

5, 6. Finlayson Lake & McEvoy Lake

Frances Lake

7. Hoole Canyon

8. Faro

9. Little Salmon Lake

10. Macmillan River

11. North Canol Road

11A. North Canol Road 2


12. MacMillan Pass

12B. MacMillan Pass In The Fall

The Spectacular Hess Mountains

13. Dena Cho Trail

Local Artist (Gordon Peter) and a Local Book

In conclusion

More pictures 1

More pictures 2

More pictures 3, Dinosaur Find

More pictures 4



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